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Open as normal. Free delivery over £50

Tyvek FlexWrap EZ Tape 60mm x 10m


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DuPont FlexWrap EZ is a heavy-duty high performance tape that’s compatible for use with all DuPont Tyvek and AirGuard membranes as well as other commonly used building materials.

It’s designed to seal against water penetration as well as being airtight, so you can use this product alongside vapour control layers to achieve the perfect seal. This product is extremely flexible thanks to its pleated base layer, meaning it’s easy to shape around window seals, door frames, ventilation, ducting and pipework.

Length: 10m.
Width: 70mm.
Colour: White (black adhesive)
Elongation: ca. 160 % (2.6 x of the original lenght)
Installation temperature: > 0 °C
UV resistance: 4 months.

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