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Shed and Fence Paint

Why not check out our fantastic range of wood stains, paints, and protectors for sheds and garden fences to make the most of your outdoor space? At Armstrong Supplies, we pride ourselves on bringing a straightforward and completely hassle-free purchasing experience to all of our customers - and this includes the great quality products in our shed and fence paint collection. You can guarantee you will have your pick of all of the shed paint colours we have available.

Why Do I Need A Shed and Fence Paint?

When it comes to your garden, you will want to make sure it is safe and secure whilst also aesthetically pleasing. Any secure garden will have fences, gates, and much more and will often have sheds to store garden tools in. Here at Armstrong Supplies, we have plenty of shed and fence paint for you to choose from to ensure your garden looks exactly how you want it to.

A garden can really be the hub of the home with families spending plenty of time in them, especially over the Spring and Summer months. You can easily get your garden looking completely ready for the warmer months with the products we have available so that you can spend plenty of time relaxing in the sunshine.

A lick of fresh shed or fence paint can really spruce up a garden, whether it is to add character or to treat your wood and keep it looking fresh and fantastic all year round. You do not need to spend a fortune to get your outdoor space looking in tip top shape. Finding the right paint colour for your garden can really help you to transform it into something special.

We understand that creating the perfect look requires some time and the best products for the job, so we are happy to offer some of the best shed and fence paint products available on the market.

A Huge Choice

We have a varied choice of shed and fence paint brands and products for you to choose from here at Armstrong Supplies with Cuprinol and Ronseal, among others. All of these paints are available at affordable prices and come in a range of different sizes. We source only the best products from trusted brands that consumers know and love.

Contact us for availability when it comes to the brands you like.

An Exciting Range of Colours

Whether you are looking for the more traditional browns or greys for your fence or shed or perhaps even a shade a little more unconventional, there are plenty of colours to choose from in our fantastic range. We have a number of shed paint colours to fit whatever plans you have.

A popular choice is our varied selection of Ronseal garden paint. We carry a number of different colours from the range in a variety of different sizes and all at very affordable prices. With mint and cornflower for those gardens with a little bit of character to more muted shades such as slate, daisy and charcoal for those opting for a more traditional look, we have the perfect paint in stock for you.

These are designed to perform on garden wood and even other garden substrates (these include metal, terracotta, brick, and stone) and all of the Ronseal garden paint products protect and are waterproof. They resist cracking and peeling with ease and are rainproof within one hour. Contact us for availability of your chosen shade.

Fantastic Products

We offer Cuprinol Garden Shades, now with 6-year protection. These give beautiful long-lasting colour and weatherproof protection to all garden woods and come in a range of attractive colours with an opaque matt finish. They can be applied by brush or sprayed on for extra convenience so your fence paint colours will always look incredible and streak free.

Do not forget that you can even purchase a fantastic Cuprinol Spray & Brush if you want to colour and protect your garden wood in half the time it would usually take you. The Spray & Brush has the speed of a sprayer and the control and coverage of a brush, giving you a smooth, great coverage. It does the job, decorating a fence panel in just three minutes and has a 5 year protection plus is suitable for all Cuprinol Garden Shades.

If you are looking for a fence paint that not only colours but waterproofs rough sawn garden wood and keeps it looking good for years, then Cuprinol Ducksback might be the paint for you. It has a special wax enriched formula which gives it a high-performance water repellency that will help it to resist rain penetration and keep it looking good for 5 years. This is perfect for fences, sheds, gates, trellis, and pergolas and the Cuprinol Ducksback paint range comes in a choice of nine different colours.

Preserve Your Wood

Do not forget that we carry a selection of preservers and protectors to help resist water penetration and to sound wood against any decay, mould, or blue staining fungi. Ensure your wood is protected against the elements with the proven products in our collection.

Fence and shed paints are used to preserve and protect your wood because it helps prevent rotting and also helps extend the lifespan of your wood.

Choose the Best Colour for Your Garden

When it comes to the colour of your shed or fence, it is important that you choose exactly what you want and does not look out of place in your garden. We know that you deserve great quality products, and we will always strive to deliver a wide range of fantastic products for you to choose from.

Make painting your shed, fences, or gates easy with our extensive range of fence paint colours and have a perfect finish for many years to come. Explore our brilliant collection of wood stains, paints and protectors for your sheds and fences so that you can make the most out of your garden during the summer months and all year round.