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Plant Nappy Spill Containment


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Plant Nappy 1000mm x 685mm

  •  Plant Nappy Spill Contrainment is both durable and lightweight and is ideal for the control and containment of spills and drips. The outer wall of the Plant Nappy will allow water to pass outwards but will retain oil. Once the liner is saturated it can easily be replaced with a new nappy liner
  •  Light and user friendly method of spill containment, designed to replace traditional drip trays
  • Replacement liners also available


How Plant Nappy Spill Containment works...

Side Wall
The design of the side wall has been developed to allow
rainfall to escape at a considerable rate but also f lter out
any oil residue that may have been picked up by water,
the water leaving the Nappy has been proven to contain
less than 3.4ppm of contaminates. The side walls shape
regaining perimeter means that heavy plant and machinery
can be rolled onto the Plant Nappy without compromising
the side wall’s function.

Base Layer
The base layer is a non permeable layer that acts as a
barrier between contaminated liquid and the ground.
Because of this there is zero chance of migration or
transfer of fl uids to the ground below. The materials have
been carefully chosen to offer high puncture resistance to
accommodate the harshest of environments.
The Plant Nappy is a practical solution to current spill prevention products, allowing fuels and
oils to be absorbed into the base and contain the spillage whilst allowing clean water to escape.
What’s more is that the Plant Nappy requires no assembly or lengthy training and is ready to
offer protection out of the bag.

Internal Base

The base offers rapid absorption of oils and fuels, but more importantly traps the oil in one place. The special materials have a high oil to weight ratio but ensures that water is repelled and directed to the side wall for filtering. The base also features a cushioned, non slip surface which prevents machinery moving due to vibrating parts.

 Visit the Plant Nappy Website to learn more

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