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Open as normal. Free delivery over £50

Geo-Fix All Weather Paving Joint Compound 14 kg


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Geo-FIx All Weather is ready mixed and can simply be brushed into joints with minimal effort compared to using traditional mortar.

Geo-Fix All Weather is easily finished by compacting with a pointing tool and used on joint widths of min 6mm and a minimum of 25mm deep.

It also forms a solid joint that resists weed and plant growth, yet is permeable allowing water to escape to prevent ponding.

"Already the recognised market leader for many years Geo-Fix is now joined by a new break through formula, Geo-Fix All Weather, that solves the perennial problem of applying jointing compound in wet weather.

Geo-Fix All Weather has all the legendary time and labour saving benefits of the standard Geo-Fix,

Supplied in ready mixed, vacuum packed, sealed foil bags to ensure the product is perfectly fresh, easy to brush into the joints and simple to point up.

In fact the only difference is it can be applied in wet weather so you can still complete your job even when it's raining or going to rain".

The time and labour saving benefits of Geo-Fix Jointing Compound, combined with the performance benefits compared to cement based mortar make it even popular with professional landscapers. general builders and DIY'ers alike.

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