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Knauf Earthwool

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What is Knauf insulation made of?

Knauf are renowned for the manufacturing of high quality insulation products including glass mineral wool and rock mineral wool. Earthwool insulation products are manufactured using ECOSE technology, a groundbreaking sustainable bio-based binder that features no phenol or formaldehyde, making it one of the most environmentally friendly insulation ranges around today.

Is Knauf insulation safe?

It is a fire-retardant material that is non-combustible making it ideal for use in residential spaces. Earthwool is also completely odourless and non-hygroscopic, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and mould. As a rot-proof product it does not encourage or sustain vermin keeping your home much safer.

If you need to replace the insulation at any point in the future, Earthwool products such as glass mineral wool and rock mineral wool can be fully recycled.

Wall Knauf Insulation

The Knauf insulation range for walls are designed to reduce heat loss from your home, which will not only ensure you retain more heat during the winter but also cut down on utility bills. No matter what kind of property you live in they offer wall insulation solutions that are available in a variety of R-values and thicknesses, making it easy to find the right product.

Ceiling Knauf Insulation

The Earthwool range is ideal for loft insulation projects, with R-values ranging from R2.5 to R6.0, ensuring you can achieve the right level of protection and thermal performance for your home. With no dyes or bleaches or artificial colours used during manufacturing, the ceiling batt products are flexible and easy to install in ceiling joists and spaces, perfect for your loft insulation projects.

Acoustic Knauf Insulation

The insulation range also features batts design for acoustic insulation solutions to reduce the transmission of outside noise into your home. Earthwool Sound Shield products are typically installed in external walls but can also be used to insulate internal spaces, with an R-Value of 2.7 often used to limit sound transmission across different rooms.

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